Interactive Programs

Interested in creating an experience that’s not only fun, but helps to reinforce your event’s key messages?  We will work with you to increase your return on investment by designing custom games that allow the audience to engage with your content.  Information retention is the #1 return on investment, and we can help you create the ROI your event needs.  The key to true ROI is when they “Remember Our Information”.  Interactive activities can provide the additional reinforcement that drives retention.  You remember up to 80% of what you interact with…let’s ENGAGE!

            You Remember:

            20% of what you see

            40% of what you see and hear

            Up to…80% of what you interact or engage with

 TRADE SHOW Entertainment

When you spend big money on space at a trade show, you hope for big results.  Let us help you draw a crowd by designing games that will allow the audience to become interactive with your message.  Key product information can be turned into fun, multiple choice questions.  Make it unique, make it impactful…make it FUN!


Are you curious how you can increase your audience’s engagement during your General Sessions and breakouts?  We can educate you on the “Psychology of Technology” and how to effectively engage your audience during every session.